Pilates tuition, 1:1 sessions with Claire Gurney, a chartered physiotherapist, in Norwich, Norfolk.

Do you want to learn Pilates but are unsure what it is, what the exercises involve and if its right for you? Do you want to strengthen your core, improve your posture and flexibility?
Why not try 5 Pilates core exercises at home? To download your 5 free exercises list and try Pilates in your own time (with no further commitment) click here

About Pilates


Are you looking for a form of exercise that is kind to your body but delivers results?

Have you been advised to strengthen your core?

Are you looking to improve your balance, joint mobility and overall fitness?

Have you tried other forms of exercise only to end up feeling more stiff with worse pain?

Make lasting changes in your health and wellbeing with Pilates! 

Why Pilates?

Pilates exercises stretch and strengthen your whole body, to improve balance, muscle-strength, flexibility and posture. The focus is on controlled, stable, co-ordinated movements, training your muscles and joints to work as they should. 


Pilates is suitable for people of all levels of fitness. It is a “low impact” more gentle form of exercise. It can be easily adapted to suit those with aches, pains, injuries and restricted mobility, as it does not place a lot of strain on the joints. Claire's teaches "matwork" Pilates inolving standing, seated and floor based exercises.


What to expect

Pilates matwork sessions involve exercises in standing, seated and lying positions. Chairs can be used to assist you to balance and sit comfortably if you cannot sit on the floor. Exercises are varied and targetted for your upper body, balance, leg strength, spinal mobility and core strength. Claire teaches at a beginner to intermediate level, you may get slightly out of breath or feel your muscles working during a session, but this is not advanced or high intensity exercise.


Claire offers 1:1 pilates sessions and a weekly Pilates class. Exercises can be adapted easily at each appointment to suit your abilities, experience and progress.

Individual 1:1 Appointments 

One to one or small group Pilates sessions are available in Norwich, at "treat" clinic, Lawson Road,  NR34LF


Why one to one?

One to one or small group sessions allow you to benefit from individual support and guidance, tailored to you, your fitness/experience and personal goals. You can attend on your own or in a group of upto 4 friends and family.


One to one Pilates sessions can be especially beneficial if you are a beginner, have health concerns, are pregnant or have recently had a baby.


Please contact Claire if you would like more information, to book a session or arrange a free call back to discuss how Pilates can benefit you .


Please note any bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or unattended will be charged a cancellation fee. 


Pilates Classes and Appointments Available


Physio-Pilates class beginner to intermediate 

Mondays 930-1030


Starting 18th September 2023


Sprowston Pavillion, Recreation Ground Rd, Sprowston, Norwich NR7 8EW


£8 pay as you go or £42 for 6 consecutive sessions

please bring a mat and a small towel, cusion or block

please email claire at info@clairegurneypilates.com if you would like to attend.


Physio-led Pilates 1:1 sessions in clinic Pilates matwork sessions for health, fitness and rehabilitation:

£55 for an hours appointment in clinic. 

£45 for 45 mins

£35 for 30 mins

£280 for a package of 6 hours


Book 1:1/ small group appointments online 


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"Treat" Clinic, Capitol House, Norwich

2-4 Lawson Rd,




Call 01603 514195 for venue information.


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