Physio-Pilates class at treat-Norwich, beginner to intermediate level

Thursday 6-7pm £8 per class

email info@clairegurneypilates.com to book, please bring your own mat and block/pillow


Cant make it? you can also join live on zoom £5 per session, email for information and to book


Physio-led Pilates 1-2-1 lessons available using Skype or Zoom software £45 per hour

£250 for 6


Physio-led Pilates 1:1 sessions in clinic Pilates matwork sessions for health, fitness and rehabilitation:

£50 for an hours appointment in clinic. 

£280 for a package of 6


book appointments online 


Click here to view the CO-VID 19 precautions in place and steps you need to follow if coming into clinic


About Pilates

Why Pilates?

Pilates exercises stretch and strengthen your whole body, to improve balance, muscle-strength, flexibility and posture. The focus is on controlled, stable,

co-ordinated movements, training your muscles and joints to work as they should.


What to expect

Pilates is suitable for people of all levels of fitness. It is a “low impact” more gentle form of exercise. It can be easily adapted to suit those with aches, pains, injuries and restricted mobility, as it does not place a lot of strain on the joints. Claire's classes are "matwork" classes inolving standing, seated and floor based exercises.


Exercises can be adapted easily each week to suit your abilities, experience and level of progress.


To book a class and for more information click here

or email info@fitternorfolk.co.uk

or info@clairegurneypilates.com

Individual 1:1 Appointments 

One to one or small group Pilates sessions are available in Norwich, at "treat" clinic, Capitol House, 4-6 Heigham street.


Why one to one?

One to one or small group sessions allow you to benefit from individual support and guidance, tailored to you, your fitness/experience and personal goals. You can attend on your own or in a group of upto 2 friends and family.


One to one Pilates sessions can be especially beneficial if you are a beginner, have health concerns, are pregnant or have recently had a baby.


Please contact if you would like more information or to book a session.


Please note any bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or unattended will be charged a cancellation fee. 




"Treat" Clinic, Capitol House, Norwich

4-6 Heigham Street, 



Call 01603 514195 to book a class or appointment, or for venue information.


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